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Like most Christian songwriters, Dr. Darrell A. Boone will never be comfortable placing himself in a static musical box. He has so many diverse musical ideas and talents. His music and writing is based in Christian Gospel but he stretches the melodic pathways of the genre. Dr. Boone believes that Gospel music must be a systematic melody that echoes the kingdom of God upon the earth.

Make no mistake, Dr. Boone grew up listening and studying music. He played trombone for a Jazz and R & B group from Dallas, Texas called, Larry "T-Bird" Gordon and the T-Birds in the mid 70s. He also performed with professional Blues singer O.V. Wright in San Antonio, Texas.

On a beautiful night, the manager for the legendary Disco and Blues singer Johnnie Taylor observed and enjoyed listening to the melodic harmonious sounds that came from the brass instruments. The horn section: Waymon Cook, flute and saxaphone; Anthony Bowie, trumpet; and, of course, Dr. Boone, trombone. These three young men were known as "the melodic three" from Houston, Texas. Johnnie Taylor wanted only the horn section in his band. The manager decided that Johnnie Taylor had to take the entire band and as fate would have it.....yes.......

Dr. Boone continued to grow musically and bands throughout the state of Texas were calling him to join their bands.

In 1981 Dr. Boone received a call into ministry. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wiley College and a Master of Divinity/Counseling degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He has a honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. He has been in ministry to churches, colleges, and universities for over twenty-three years. He constantly receives invitation to be the keynote speaker for programs at university campuses throughout the nation.

In 1998, Dr. Boone worked with the Texas Hip Hop Record Label: Sucka Free Records. He participated in the production of the label's first project: "Lil' Flip and Hustlaz Stackin' Endz." It was suggested by Humpty Hump that Dr. Boone contribute in that project. As fame would have it, he is featured on track fourteen, "If I Die" of that same project. In 1999, Dr. Boone moved to Charleston, SC. A year and a half later, Lil' Flip's solo debut Album in 2002 went platinum. Dr. Boone is currently a Concert Promoter and manages several groups in different music genres. He continues to have a business relationship with Sucka Free Records.

Dove Records, was established in 2002 by Dr. Darrell A. Boone.Dove Recordsprides itself on being the Independent Christian Gospel Record Label with a vision to seek out talented individuals and groups, in all genres of music, helping them as a partnership to establish a goal and then to make it become a reality in the Music industry.

Dr. Darrell A. Boone first project was to create original songs and tracks specifically for the release of Stanisha B, the exciting new Christian "Deva".

Stanisha B.has an anointed voice from God that provides you with a Heavenly connection. She is one to watch in the years to come!!!

Dove Records does not have to make excuses for artists not having ministries, because when a person picks up a Dove Records release, they know the sounds will be heaven sent, solid, current, and backed by an accountable staff. Dove Records has a heart belonging to the past, and an eye focused on the future.

It is our goal to support artists who create original, quality music while glorifying God. We encourage our artists to put all of themselves into their music so that they create the best offering to God they possibly can.


Executive Producer, Dr. Darrell A. Boone

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